Monday, August 31, 2009

State Fair Outing

Yesterday was our annual outing to the MN State Fair. I woke up wondering where the dog days of summer had gone. It was 49 degrees when I woke up and I wondered if I should bring a pair of mittens to the fair instead of sunblock. It actually warmed up nicely and hit 70 degrees for a high. Man, was it crowded at the fair this year! Everyone opting for the staycation took it at the fair on the same day.

We always go to the fair with my parents which makes it a fun family trip. Usually one of my brothers or sisters go, but this year it was just us. We started our food frenzy with our traditional first stop of footlong hotdogs. We proceeded to eat our way through french fries, cheese curds, chocolate milk shakes, and roasted corn. We also stopped for a bucket of Sweet Martha's cookies, of which I had a few and then proceeded to leave the rest of the bucket at a water game on the midway. Probably didn't need them anyway. New food items tried this year were "The Elvis sandwich (fried bread with peanut butter and bananas), Reuben pretzel ( rye pretzel stuffed with corned beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut), and a pronto pup. True a pronto pup (deep fried corn dog) isn't new to many familiar with the MN State Fair, but I had never tried one.

Favorite stops along the way at the fair were: the dairy barn where Harry and Bella both got to hand milk a cow, the miracle of birth exhibit where Bella got to pet a baby pig, duck, chick, and sheep, and the Lil' Hands Farm where you can pretend to be a farmer. You might think Harry is too old to enjoy the Lil' Hands Farm, but he is the one who demanded we go. Glad to see he knows how to remain young at heart!

Starting our fair excursion at 11am and ending around 9pm made for a long day, but a nice end to summer.

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