Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Movin' On Up...

As I write this blog entry today, the warm sun is shining on my shoulder, the birds are singing outside, and it going to be 66 degrees outside today. March 13 and near 70 degrees? In Minnesota? I'm really not going to ask too many questions as I am afraid it could be a mirage that might be easily shattered if I fail to suspend my disbelief. I am declaring it now, Spring is here. And if it turns cold and snows in a few weeks, I will bow my head and sink into a deep depression, but as they say, "Live for today..."

Another sure sign of Spring outside of the weather? Bella is on break from her swim team. She finished up her Winter season a few weeks ago. And there is some exciting news! She is moving up to the next level, Bronze. It is something she has been working towards for quite a while. She has had many friends move up, which can sometimes make things tough. But Bella is a trooper and she understands that it takes her longer to achieve some goals. All the sweeter when they are reached. She has had one of the best coaches in the world for the past two years and Bella is really going to miss her. I will too! She has become a good friend during that time and she is a blast to hang out with. We'll have to ensure that our ladies' nights out continue. Bella is so excited to move up and she really likes her new coach, too. Luckily, she got to know him very well because he was helping coach her level this past season. That makes the transition so much easy. We don't have to go through the implant and muscle weakness shpeel the first day.

So with Winter season done and Spring swim season not starting until the middle of April, we have more free time than usual. So far we have been anything but bored. Last weekend, we finished out Girl Scout cookie selling for the year. Bella and I went door to door for about 3 hours and on Sunday there was a troop cookie booth. We have one more troop cookie booth at the end of March, but all of our personal money has been turned in. Selling cookies is not my favorite activity for many reasons. First, there is an over-saturation of Girl Scout sellers in our neighborhood. Erick can't sell at work (or won't, I'm not really sure) so we are forced to hit the streets for our sales. Second, Bella gets that prize incentive sheet for selling cookies and stares longingly at the Ipad and the notebook computer, wondering why she can't sell 1 or 2 thousand cookies. This from the child who gets discouraged and wants to turn around and go home after hitting two houses that don't buy the cookies. Thirdly, I feel like I need to hire a security team to protect the unsold cookies. Trying to ensure a brother, sister and father don't dive mouth first into the cookie pile is exhausting. Not to mention, making sure the dogs don't get close to the pile. This year has been better, but I am sure there are 1 or 2 boxes unaccounted for. Yes, I am glad the selling season is almost over. I feel Bella's 100 cookies sales were respectable and hard fought.

During the next month we have a lot of activities. Becca is going to be turning 16 and we have a special night out planned. No license yet, we are still making it through behind the wheel training. Also, Becca is planning on doing some lacrosse reffing again this Spring/Summer season. Becca is busy, too, with training for becoming a camp counselor for church. Bella is headed off for a week with school in April to a survival camp. I am excited for her, but nervous. I'm sure she will survive...Will I?