Saturday, August 15, 2009

More PGA Talk

So yesterday, I was outside my house with my camera trying to take pictures of the Goodyear blimp, when who should drive up next door? Angel Cabrera winner of the 2009 Masters. I have been trying to confirm that he was staying at our neighbor's house during the PGA tournament and now I have! Well, me being the dork that I am, asked his driver as he walked around if I could get a picture of Mr. Cabrera with my kids. Harry and Bella were excited and I think the picture turned out pretty cute! Angel Cabrera was very nice.

Today I volunteered at the PGA tournament for the Chaska Football Association. Our concessions stand was on the 15 hole. I worked from 6am-1pm. The first couple of hours were really quiet because all the golfers started today at the first hole and the crowds didn't show up until about 11:30am. From 11:30-1pm it was non stop! Instead of having kegs, each beer had to be individually poured into plastic cups. Thankfully, that wasn't my job, but I handled the registers and all of the lovely parts of customer service that go with that. For the most part, the customers were polite and well mannered, but there were some interesting encounters. Someone, upset with the fact that we couldn't give cups of ice so they could "split" their soda, said they would not be back next year. Considering Hazeltine is being torn down next season in preparation for the 2016 Ryder Cup, that shouldn't be a problem.

After my shift I was able to watch the tournament. I got to see Tiger Woods on the 3rd hole, 8th hole and the 9th hole. He truly is an amazing player and it was so fun to see the crowds of people following him around. It is hard to get a true idea on TV of how many cameras are constantly around him. I can't imagine how much pressure that must add to every one of his shots.

Tomorrow Becca and Harry will get to go to the PGA with a teacher from school.

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