Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hospital Day

Today was Isabella's surgery date for a new ear tube in her left ear. It was originally set up for Sept. 8, but due to a cancellation, she was able to get in today. We were so excited because Sept. 8th is the first day of school and that would not have been the best day for surgery.

Bella has had surgeries in the past, (ear tubes, her cochlear implants) but nothing since she was about 2 1/2 so she didn't remember how it felt to go to the hospital or what to expect. She was so brave. On the way to the hospital, I asked if she was nervous and she said, "No, Mom. I'm fine, it's going to be quick!" That's what I have been telling her over the last few weeks, so glad to hear she had been listening.

Bella was fine while the nurses talked to her and she got the hospital pj's on. All the doctor's came in to see her and she smiled and laughed. As her bed got wheeled into the OR she started to look a bit panicked, but she remained brave. Who can blame her? All of the bright lights and the tools in the OR scare me too! She took 5 big breaths with the gas mask (covered in the Strawberry Skittles lipgloss she choose so that it smelled good) and it was off to dreamland.

The ear tube surgery was super quick. Whole time in surgery was 20 minutes. Then we had to wait around for the anesthesia to wear off. She was very low key for the first few hours we came home, but then she asked to do some homework. What can I say, she loves to learn! Definite highlights of the hospital experience were the two packs of cookies she ate in recovery along with the Sprite and the Hello Kitty balloon she got at the end.

We go back in 4 weeks to see her ENT, but he said the fluid behind the eardrum looked clear so hopefully the new tube is the fix we needed!

The pictures show her before and after surgery. The one cuddled up with the blankets is before and the other one is after her cookies and Sprite lunch. Before the surgery, Bella also stopped to say "hi" to Charlie Brown.

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