Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When I grow up...

Last Sunday our family day was spent at the U of MN veterinary school open house. The event had been posted on one of my homeschool event message boards that I track. Bella loves animals so I thought it would be fun to go show her what vets do. It's never too young to think about career paths, right? They had lots of events for kids. The Raptor center was open to explain about fixing bird bones that are broken and returning them to the wild. There were cool bald eagles and hawks that you could see up close, microscopes with slides of cat tongues, and a giant dried cow stomach on a counter. Speaking of cow stomachs, one of the main highlights of the day was a live cow we saw that had a hole cut into its side so you could see into its stomach. The hole had a huge plug in it and when they took out the plug, there was the cow's stomach. Personally, I skipped looking into the hole, but Erick, Harry, and Becca were fascinated. The highlight of the trip for me was the rabbit agility show. Yes, rabbit agility. Sounds crazy, I know. There was group there who were part of a rabbit agility association. They had a little obstacle course set up for the rabbits which included a teeter-totter, a tire to jump through, and other little jumps (like miniature horse jumps). Most of the rabbits seemed to be dragged along by their owners on leashes through the course, but there were two bunnies who really seemed to enjoy doing the course. We were told that the others would have done better, but they had been doing shows all day so they were tired. I'm not sure I really bought that explanation. All in all a fun and educational day.

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