Friday, August 7, 2009


Today was a bump in the road. Isabella has been struggling over the last few months with her left ear and fluid. She had a tube in it, but it became infected so her ENT, Dr. Rimmel removed it back in February. Since then we have been monitoring fluid that was still sitting behind her eardrum. Today we did a CT and it still showed fluid so she will have a new tube put in Sept. 8. I was really hoping the fluid had gone away, but no such luck! Sept 8 is the earliest we could get in and also the first day of school which is not ideal. Bella was excited to get a kit that has real examples of the Dr. gloves, surgical mask, anesthesia mask and gauze they will use for the surgery. Harry and Bella are playing Dr. right now as we speak.

On the happier side of news in the family, Harrison has been asked to do a second audition for a movie that is filming in Iowa starting in Sept. What day in September you ask? Well of course it is Sept. 8. At this point we will just hope he does well at the audition and work out any potential conflicts if and when we need to worry.

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