Sunday, August 16, 2009

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today...

So last night my fellow classmates of Eden Prairie Class of '89 gathered together to reminisce. Due to my previous commitment with the PGA tournament I was unable to attend. Today on Facebook, I was bombarded with pictures of faces I remember from 20 years ago. Having only attended Eden Prairie for the second half of my junior year and my senior year, there were lots of people I only knew at an acquaintance level. Still it was fun to see the pictures. For the friends I did know well during my junior and senior year, I am glad to see that they look great and are having happy lives. Thinking I graduated 20 years ago does bring back a flood of emotions. Especially with a 13 year old daughter. To think she will graduate in 5 years is scary! I moved around a lot as a child/teen which made it difficult to establish long histories with friends. I am glad my kids haven't had to move around like I did (although they often tell me they wish they did). Perhaps someday when they go to reunions they will have lots of memories to look back on together!

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