Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You Bring the Boom Boom into my Heart...

So this past few weeks I have found myself with a variety of panic attacks. First, I got a call from school telling me that Becca sliced her palm during art with a woodworking tool. Yes, she needed stitches, but only a few. Second, I celebrated my birthday. This brought me one year closer to the scary and often feared year of 40. Thirdly, I was had to attend registration night for Becca at a HIGH SCHOOL. Now, I guess it goes with my ever increasing age, but going to the high school registration night just about put me over the edge. Wasn't I just in high school? Oh no, I guess that was 30 years ago...

The news came a few weeks ago that Becca did not get approved to open enroll to Chanhassen. They only accepted siblings of those already attending the school. So we will plan on Chaska High School, with a small chance that there may be a few more people allowed to enroll this summer based on their final numbers. Yesterday, Becca took a placement test for Spanish to see if she could get into a higher level than Spanish 1 due to the Spanish she has studied at World Learner School. We were happy to find out that she qualified for Spanish 2!

The pictures I put in this post are from Bella's birthday party with friends. It was a bowling birthday party and she had a lot of fun. It was called cosmic bowling and the lights were turned off the whole time and everything glowed in the dark.

Harry spent Valentine's Day with Erick at an event for boy scouts. It was called Polar Cubs and it was outside the whole day. Temps were in mid 20's so it wasn't terrible out, but Erick did say it was pretty cold. There was broomball, sledding, and some survival tasks. Erick probably would have been warmer, but he was gung-ho on the first activity of the day; broomball, and he split his pants open. He is still pretty sore from the day!

Music to My Ears

For those of you wondering if people with cochlear implants can enjoy music, I post this video for you. It is Bella singing in her Church Choir this past Sunday on Valentines Day. She is front and center in the blue shirt and blue/black polka dotted skirt. She LOVES music and singing!