Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Is Purple the New Green- Favre Saga

If you live in MN, you have probably spent some time in the last two days wondering which of the following statements is true: A) We have been blessed B) Armageddon is close. Of course if you are not a football fan, you might just be wondering "Who the heck is Brett Favre and why does he spell his name like that if it is pronounced Farve?" Just turn on the TV for a few minutes and there will be several opinions about the MN Vikings new starting quarterback. For me, I guess it means that I will now watch the MN Vikings with a renewed, but cautious interest. I mean if you saw the press conference last night with Mr. Favre, he seems to be a man with a mission, but his arm is quite questionable. A torn rotator cuff and he still got $12 million dollars? Seems a bit risky to say the least. Well for better or worse I will watch the Vikings games and just hope I don't end up with a weekly depression if things turn sour.

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