Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trip to the Farm

Last Thursday, Harry, Bella, and I went on a trip to Gale Woods Farm with our church youth group. Gale Woods is a working farm. The older kids and the younger kids were split into two groups so I went with Bella. The day was super rainy and wet which was a bummer because a lot of the things to see were outside. It is days like this one that I wish Isabella's implants were completely waterproof. She was the only child with an umbrella and a raincoat, but hey, we have to be safe!

During our trip we got to see some giant pigs, a baby cow, some Great Pyrenees puppies, sheep, and chickens. The kids got to touch all of the animals and also learned a lot about their roles on the farm. I thought it was pretty funny that the farmer referred to the pretty indoor chickens as the "egg chickens" and the outdoor chickens as the "chicken nugget chickens." Also we didn't get to see the baby pigs because they were outside in another field. Probably eating a lot and getting ready to be "bacon pigs". Harry told me that with the older kids, the farmer explained a lot about the animals and their role to be meat for our meals. Glad I wasn't in that group. In the picture, Bella is holding a "chicken nugget chicken."

We also went into a garden where everything that had been planted was done by children during various field trips to the farm. The kids got to pick raspberries right off of the bushes, eat carrots out of the ground, and pick green beans to eat. They also tried basil and dill.

At the end of the trip, I stopped in the farm store and got some (very) fresh summer sausage from some poor unsuspecting animal, but it was good.

All in all it was a very fun day!

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