Thursday, August 6, 2009

Girl Scout Camp

This week I have been at Twilight Girl Scout camp with Bella as one of her unit leaders. Harry gets to go too, into the sibling area. This year the theme has been Elemental Twilight camp and we have been focusing each day around the elements of Water, Air, Fire, Earth. It is all outside and there is A LOT of walking involved! I forget how tired I get and really wonder how the young girls do it. Comparing Isabella to how she did last year is kind of fun. Last year she had alot more trouble keeping up with the group with all the walking, but this year she is doing much better! Harry gets to do all of the same activities in sibling care. Yesterday he did geocaching and I think he is hooked. We really need to try this as a family some weekend! If you have never tried it (or don't know what it is) you should visit to find out more info. Basically it is like doing a treasure hunt with a gps system. The "caches" are hidden all around. There are lots all over the US and I even think around the world!

Becca has been babysitting this week for her cousin who is 1 1/2. It's a long day from 7:15am-6:00pm. Today she was really tired. Perhaps this will make her more sympathetic in the end to me, but in the interim it is making her crabby. This weekend we will all need some serious rest from our busy week!

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