Friday, June 22, 2012

Here We Go Again...

Hard to believe yesterday was the official first day of Summer. Sometimes I swear I blink and months go by. The end of the school year was a virtual blur. We had a wedding to attend, Erick and I got away for a very nice weekend without kids, and there were the usual end of school ceremonies and picnics to attend. Here are some pictures from the wedding.

Last week we kicked off the summer with a bang. Harry and Becca finished up their caddie training. They are both going to be caddying this summer at Hazeltine Golf Club. It is very near to our house so the kids can ride their bikes. Well, at least that was the plan. So far Mom has been the chauffeur. Harry has gotten out more than Becca to caddy due to Becca's busy summer schedule, but it is a great opportunity for both. It really looks like it will be a great job for them. The money is good, they get exercise and are outside for their shifts, and the more respectful they are, the more success they will have. Sounds like a win, win, right? I will have to get a picture of them in their uniforms and post soon.

While Harry was out caddying last week. Becca and Bella were at church camp together. Another activity Becca is doing this summer is being a camp counselor. She went last week and she also went a few days this week. It was Bella's first year at camp, so we thought it would be nice if Becca was up at the same time as her to assist in any questions/troubleshooting that might arise about her implants. It was a bit of a tough call to make. There were advantages and disadvantages to having them go up the same week. Advantage number 1 was I would only have one child at home. That was a nice change of pace. Although, I will admit it got a bit boring by the end. I guess my body has become accustomed to chaos and drama. Anyway, the week went off without a hitch. Bella loved camp, but came home pretty exhausted.
Bella enjoying summer

Next week we are headed to Wisconsin Dells for a week to spend with family. Hoping for nice weather and great times!