Thursday, May 26, 2011

Whatever Will Be Will Be...

Letting go...It's never been easy for me. Accepting the things I can not change and the wisdom to know the difference has been a constant struggle. This week I have been given another opportunity to practice.

Let's start off with the events of the week. Last Sunday, Bella had another swim meet. It was her first time using her implants during a meet, so her coach took extra time to help her understand the whistles which direct the swimmers on when to start. She was pretty tired since she had gone to swimming 4 times last week. Still, she is making continual progress. Her 25 free time went from 53.81 on April 30 to 47.19 on May 21.

On Monday and Tuesday, Becca had her choir concerts. It is always fun to see the talented kids in the Minnetonka music programs. In the Spring, they do more contemporary songs than for the Winter concert. They even had two songs with beat-boxers. Still, I wish there was a way to shave the time down. Over two hours long is quite a commitment.

And that takes us to yesterday. When Bella woke up yesterday, she announced, "Mom, I can't walk!" I must say this had me flying into her bedroom to see what she meant by that unsettling statement. And this is what I saw.

Truth be told, this is what I saw later in the day. After I sent her school and told her, "just take it easy and don't run around a lot." I know, super bad Mom award, right? Honestly, it wasn't as bad in the morning, from a visual standpoint. And in an effort of full disclosure (and an attempt to appease my guilt) the event that caused this (tripping on the way to the bathroom) occurred under Dad's watch the previous evening while I was attending said choir concert. What did she trip over? Well, that unfortunately, would be the basket of clothes I had not put away in the hallway upstairs...

So the verdict at urgent care? Bella has a broken pinky toe, right above the growth plate, which makes it more serious. So here is the picture for the next few weeks at our house.

Oh, and she did it on her left foot, which was not the best case scenario. Due to her right sided weakness, using the crutches on her right foot is not the easiest for her. I am a little worried that using the crutches is going to add more injuries. The good news is that she can still swim, since the splint is removable. The bad news? Well that yearly Farm field trip that she was supposed to go on (and Erick was supposed to chaperon) will not be happening this year. There's just too much walking around. Erick is not really broken up about that part.

And so I have to accept this new difficulty for Bella, whether I want to or not. Wishing I had moved the basket of clothes is something I can not change. She's a kid. Things like this happen, I know. See, there's a glimmer of hope that I am gaining the wisdom to know the difference...

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  1. I did the same to my pinky toe but i was not on crutches i was put into a moon boot! ;)