Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fall is Here, Brr...

Well it appears that MN Fall has officially arrived. Temps have struggled to stay in the 50's this week with rain and wind as the main weather theme.
Lots of events to report this week. First, Harry has made his favorite decision of the year. Where to have a birthday party? No. What to ask for Christmas? Not yet. He has chosen his Halloween costume! Halloween has always been Harry's favorite holiday next to Christmas. This year he has decided to be a scary puppet. It's the kind of puppet that a ventriloquist would use. I think the tuxedo part of the costume reminds me of Pee wee Herman. He is excited about the costume, but he is really just biding his time until next Halloween. His grandmother has promised to make him an Elvis costume for next year and he talks about it alot!
On Thursday, Bella was very excited because she went to school for the whole day instead of homeschool. There was a field trip planned to a book center downtown with a lesson about a printing press. Whenever there is a field trip planned at school (about 1x a month) Bella will go to school all day. Well, the day didn't turn out exactly as planned. I went along as a chaperone and on the way to the book center, our bus driver clipped off a driver's car mirror which caused another car to crash into them. We had to pull over to the side of the freeway which is full of construction right now and quite a mess. As soon as the accident happened, I began to regret my decision to "just wait" until we got to the book center to go to the bathroom. I was hopeful that we would only be sidelined a few minutes, but after 45 minutes on the side of the road, I began to feel like a small child who was fearful of having an embarrassing accident! The state trooper came to take the reports of all of the drivers and proceeded to write his report on sight. Then we had to wait for the bus company to get us a new bus driver. Apparently an accident for a bus driver results in a driving suspension. The kids were very good, but as most 1-3 graders will, they started to get very bored and antsy toward the end. An hour and a half after we pulled over, we were back on the road, but we had to return to the school as we had missed our appointment for the field trip. You'll be glad to know that I was able to contain my bodily fluids all the way back to school.
Yesterday, Harry was excited because he got to buy Madden 10 for his Wii. He has been saving his money and I told him the next time he got a check from his voiceovers, he could buy it. I had to look up how to add Brett Farve to the Vikings since the game had been made before he unretired. Luckily, it was pretty easy. Erick and Harry enjoy playing football games together on the Wii, although due to Harry's inability to handle defeat well, most games end in tears.
Today, Harry's football team suffered another close loss to Eden Prairie. Before the game started, we had to sell concessions. Boy was it chilly! Luckily they had blankets for Bella and Harry as I had not dressed them with hats and mittens which they really needed.
I am hoping the weather improves for tomorrow. We are planning to go to the apple farm for our annual tradition of picking apples.

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