Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Change seems to be all around our family at the moment. On Sunday, when we went to the apple farm I was taken in by the leave colors. They are not at their peak yet, but I love to see the gradual shift from green to the palette of a sunset. Right now there are so many changes going on within our family that the shift to fall has almost become a metaphor for us Rowe's. Becca is just months away from heading off to high school, Harry just grew an inch in 2 months, and Bella continues to become more mature in her thinking and conversations. With regard to school , we are searching out the best way to meet everyone's educational needs. Harry appears to need more structure than a Montessori environment can offer at this point in his school career so we are pondering our options. Bella seems to be thriving in her half homeschool/half Montessori daily routine. Becca seems to be doing well in school, but I worry about how the transition from a small charter school to a big high school with daily homework will play out.
It is interesting to watch how change affects people differently. Sometimes, I think Erick could live a lifetime without change. He prefers the comfort of the status quo. He does, however, understand that change is an inevitable part of life and that you must embrace it. If you don't, it will still happen and you will be left behind. Becca is a lot like Erick. She likes to be prepped for changes and wants to know how any change will affect her. Bella is easy going and floats with changes as they come. She is open to new experiences. Harry and I get a little bit of a thrill from changes. Yes, they shake up your life a bit, but we find them a way to keep things interesting. As you can see from the pictures from the apple farm, the kids are not afraid to take a "leap of faith" which is really what change is all about.

Stay tuned for Rowe change updates!

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