Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halleluja- Well your faith was strong, but you needed proof...

Monday was Bella's annual IEP (individualized educational plan) meeting. I must say, I never really look forward to these. For those of you who don't have special needs children, an IEP meeting can best be described as a really intense school conference. At least that's how they are for me. The purpose is to set up goals and objectives that you want your child to reach during the next year and also discuss any accommodations they might need to reach those goals, such as service teachers, special equipment, etc. The hardest part comes when you review the goals made last year and see how much progress has been made. Sometimes there is great progress, sometimes not so much. It's hard for me to reflect (with 6 or 7 other people present) on the things that make my child different from the "norm". On a daily basis you work to help your child succeed the best they can, but when you see their challenges laid out so clinically on paper, it's tough. But hey, when I was in the corporate workforce, I hated reviews too.

The good news is that the IEP meeting went terrific! All of her teachers including her classroom teacher, D/HH (deaf and hard of hearing teacher), and her speech teacher saw an amazing difference in her this year compared to last year. Her focus is better, her communication is better and best news of all, her memory is better. Hooray! Hooray! I felt so validated in my decision to pursue homeopathy. Not only have I seen a difference, but others have seen a huge improvement as well! The progress was so good that we decided to reduce the D/HH teacher's support time with her. Some of that is due to me homeschooling in the morning, but it is also due to her classroom teacher's observations that she is ready to do more work with the class in the afternoon. Honestly, it was one of the best meetings I have ever had!

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