Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nothing Like a Good Stompin'

The Rowe's were on the move again this weekend with lots of activities! Saturday started with Becca attending the 1st of 4 Saturdays morning lacrosse clinics. She had played lacrosse this past Spring for the first time and she really liked it. There was no fall league so we found a few clinics she could attend to keep up her skills until next Spring.

Harry kicked off the weekend with another football game. This time it was a loss to Eden Prairie. For those of you not from around here, Eden Prairie is like the 1985 Chicago Bears, EVERY YEAR! They rarely lose and the youth program is as good as the high school team. Ironic, since when I attended Eden Prairie high school, winning a football game would have signalled Armageddon. Anyway, the Orange Crush kept it tied until halftime, and then Eden Prairie scored 2 touchdowns in 5 minutes. The game was cut short by a back injury of one of Harry's teammates. Thankfully, he is o.k., but he did ride away in an ambulance to get checked out. His team is now 2-3 for those keeping score.

Bella started a new speech program on Saturday which I think will be helpful. The focus will be on getting a consistent "s" sound in sentences with lots of "s" sounds. Also, to work on not dropping the "s" sounds at the end of words. The speech pathologist did make an interesting point that some of the dropped "s" sounds came from improper breath use on Bella's part. I had never heard that before. Last, but not least, there will be an emphasis on increasing Bella's vocabulary and higher level language use such as inferences and idioms.

Today I was able to check off an item on my bucket list. Ever since I saw the old I Love Lucy where Ethel and Lucy did the grape stomping, I have wanted to do it too. Well today the whole family went to a local winery in Jordan, MN and did some wine stomping. It was fun and quite messy. There was music, wine tasting, and a caricature artist. I put the drawings at the bottom of the blog. Strangely enough we had a caricature done of the kids about 4 years ago and it turns out that it was done by the same person. Now that I have done grape stomping, I have to figure out how/when to go swim with the dolphins!

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