Sunday, September 6, 2009

End of Summer

Okay, it might not be the official end of summer, but unofficially summer is just about over. School will start on Tuesday and fall activities have begun.
Yesterday, Bella started her fall session of swimming lessons. We decided to do private lessons again with the FABULOUS teacher, Miss Stephanie, at Foss Swim School. Bella has been taking lessons for almost a year now, but last session was the first time we did private. It is much easy to gear the class to Bella's strengths and needs in a private environment. Also, it is easier to have her come back to the end of the pool to get the next set of instructions since she can't swim with her implants. Miss Stephanie told us yesterday that one of her students went to swim with the Olympic team this summer and she was only 15! She thinks Bella could be a really good swimmer with the right guidance because as she says, "Bella has a swimmers body." I was a little nervous to go to swimming yesterday because I wasn't sure how Bella would do. We didn't take formal lessons during the summer and it has been so cold this summer that we haven't spent a lot of time swimming. Well, Bella got into the water and her kick was so even! You could have knocked me over with a feather! Her uneven kick is something that has always plagued Bella in the water. Due to her right sided weakness and difficulties with coordination, it has always been tough to kick both legs with the same force. Yesterday, she just did it! Perhaps it is due to the chiropractic adjustments and homeopathic remedy we are using. Who knows, but it was so great to see!
One thing I have noticed from the homeopathic remedy that we started with Bella is more attitude and anger. This is something that the homeopath warned me about when we first started. It is not all the time, but she definitely is not as compliant as she was before we started the remedy. I am told these "outbursts of anger" are her true personality and show that her brain is processing things the way it should now. Great, doesn't surprise me since my other two have this trait also.
Yesterday we also celebrated my brother's birthday. He is going to school in South Dakota right now so we don't get to him that often. It was a fun end to the day!

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