Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What If...

So last night a topic of discussion was raised by Bella that had never been brought up before. As usual I was moving way to fast, trying to do too many things at once, running the risk of errors and mistakes with every step. Bella and I were at swimming. As we got ready to leave the locker room, she noticed that I had forgotten to put away her implants. She looked at me with concern and said it would be "very bad" if we lost her implants. She said, "I would have to learn sign language or lip read for the rest of my life." I guess I have told her how expensive they are so she didn't even consider getting replacements in her scenario.

Want to know what her biggest cause of alarm regarding losing her implants? "And Mom, I would never be able to do pinatas anymore. You know they put the blindfold on and stand behind you to give directions. I would never know what they are saying."

Interesting concern and one I had never considered...


  1. if she's afraid of losing them then you guys should have a special case for it so it won't get lost!

    I always carry a case with me if there's water activties going on but if I don't have a case with me, I put my HAs in my sneakers along with the socks in there LOL