Monday, January 24, 2011

There She Goes...

Ah Saturday. A perfect day to sleep in, relax, take it easy, with no real place to have to be. Not in the Rowe household this week. Harry started it off with guitar lessons, followed by a whole load of activities that Bella was participating in. First she had clay camp, followed by a girl scout cookie rally, and rounding out the day with a practice swim meet.

Bella has been doing clay camp for the last few weeks now. She really enjoys it, even though she has figured out that working with clay is not the easiest feat. Still, she is determined to work hard and improve. Above you can see her clay projects. The teacher has been great about being positive and helping the kids learn new techniques every week. This was her last week for the session, but I think we will do it again in the Spring. Bella really enjoys arts and crafts and she doesn't get a lot at school.

On to the Girl Scout cookie rally. This year cookie sales are being handled a bit differently. Instead of taking orders, the cookies will be ordered before hand and then sold door to door. I'm not sure how this will go. Yes, it was a pain to take the orders first and then go around later and deliver them, but at least no one was stuck with extra cookies. For out of state relatives and friends, they can donate money for cookies that will be given to the local food shelf at the end of March. For anyone interested in doing so, please send me a message and I will be in touch. The rally was fun for the troop and all the girls got to play games about the cookies and then have a sample of each one.

We ended the day with a practice swim meet for Bella. Up until this point, we have just been concentrating on her sessions during the week, but with her recent improvements, she decided she was ready to try a practice meet. For being a practice meet, it seemed pretty official to me. Parents weren't allowed on the pool deck, the times went up on the timer board, the kids started on the blocks, and they even had the touch-pads in the water. All of these things were new to Bella and pretty exciting. Before the meet we had discussed what events she wanted to do. She had decided the freestyle and the backstroke. In this practice meet it was only one lap of each stroke (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and fly). The kids were divided into groups of 6 by their ages. The cool thing about the meet was that everyone got a ribbon (1st-6th). As you might expect, Bella (motivated greatly by receiving ribbons) decided to try all the events. I neglected to write down her times, but she came in 4th place in the backstroke, (video below-she is in 3rd lane from the left) 5th place in the breaststroke, and 6th in the other events. It was a little complicated for her since she had never started on the blocks before. Also, she was a little delayed starting each time because she had to look to the side for the hand signal rather than hear the whistle. I know at some meets they have a light across the lane to look at as a starter, but since this was just practice, they didn't have that as an option. The coaches even added an extra event at the end, the 50 free. Did Bella do it? What do you think? You can count her ribbons below and find out the answer. Today, Erick and Bella are headed to Office Max to get a bulletin board for her room so she has a place to keep her ribbons on display.

Well Saturday may not have been relaxing, but it sure was rewarding...

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