Saturday, January 22, 2011

Two is Better than One...

Okay so look closely at today's blog entry and you might notice a difference. I will keep you guessing until the end, but don't expect too much, it's not THAT exciting.

As a family, we are back to our post holiday routines. Swimming, snowboarding, Boy Scouts, piano and the ever present school. Every night seems like a new adventure in trying to beat the timer to get where we need to go. In addition to the "regular" activities, Becca has also added in nightly practices for a play that she is in at school. It is "Our Town", the famous play by Thornton Wilder. She was one of only two freshmen to make the cast. The entire cast is very small, only about 32, so that makes her getting in even more exciting.

Bella continues to make progress in her swimming. She is now between two levels and is doing the harder level once a week to see how she does and get more one on one attention (since the next level has fewer kids than the level she is in). She really likes going to the harder level, even though it is very challenging.  If you know Bella, or if your have been reading about Bella for awhile on this blog, then you know she doesn't back down from a challenge!

In addition to their daily extra curricular activities, the older two kids are discovering the "joys" of finals. I have to be honest. I thought finals were tough as a student, but it just might be harder to go through finals as a parent. First reason: Instead of just 5 or 6 tests, you are worried about 12-18 depending on how many kids you might have. Second reason: The stress level around the house is unbelievable. As a student, all I had to do was worry about myself, but now, I have to get through 2 stressed out kids. Putting out constant fires and explosions is not my favorite pastime. Becca will be done with her finals tomorrow and Harry will be done next Thursday. I am counting the days.

This picture was taken of my dash this morning. Yes, for all you non-Minnesotans, that truly does read -22 degrees. That was air temp, folks, not windchill. The picture below is where I will be 68 days from now. Erick and I are planning a trip to Mexico for my 40th birthday at the end of March. It will not come soon enough.

So the big change in the blog? Well it all stemmed from this article brought to my attention by my sister in law Why you should never, ever, use two spaces after a period. Who knew? Well, I tell you after those high school typing classes, it is a very hard habit to break. In fact you may find some mistakes in this entry if you look closely, since I had to keep going back and changing to one space. Well, change is what life is all about, I guess. Being less than two weeks from the big "40", I feel change is just what I need.

Change in temperature and scenery that is...

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