Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Raise Your Glass...

So the ball has dropped on 2011, literally. Now I am left wondering what the new year will bring. I have to say, it was a little unsettling how the new year was rung in at the Rowe house this year. We were missing some key players. Becca was out with friends and Harry went snowboarding with my sister's husband and his daughter. So I took Bella to see the movie "Tangled" before we went home to enjoy surf and turf prepared by Erick.

I find it interesting that this whole holiday season I have been confronted by the same phrase from loads of different people, "Are you ready?"  After the first few times of just saying "yes", I began to reflect more.  Does it really matter if you are "ready" for the holidays or any other day?  I mean it comes whether you are ready or not.  Sure it is great to prepare, but it will come just the same.  I began to think that it is really hard to be truly ready for events as big as Christmas.  You can have bought the presents, wrapped them, decorated, but there is always more that could have been done, right?  More cleaning, more cooking, more donating to charities...That is why it is good that the day just comes at some point.  It allows us to stop "getting ready" and just enjoy the day.

Heading into the New Year is a bit the same.  You can prepare by making a resolution, thinking about things you'd like to do differently, but it comes whether you do that or not.  Last year I kept my resolution for the first time ever.  Losing 30 lbs over the course of the year was a great achievement.  This year I didn't really set a specific goal, but I am trying to change some of the ways I handle situations.  Less RE-action, more PRE-action, if that makes any sense.

So are you ready to start the new year?  Ready or not, here it comes...

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