Monday, February 28, 2011

I Would Like to Thank...

Having turned the big "40" a few weeks ago, I have begun to face that facts that certain things I may have dreamed about doing will have to remain solely in my dreams. One of those things is saying the following phrase, "I would like to thank the Academy." I am 99.99% certain (if I learned just one thing from Justin Bieber, it was to never say never) that those words will never be spoken out of my mouth while addressing a crowd of celebrities at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles. Still, I plan on using part of that phrase to address some events over the past few weeks. So here it goes-

I would like to thank...

1. All of the people who visited my blog over the last several days and played the game 2 truths and a lie. It was fun participating in the "Blog Hop Game" and visiting new blogs I might never have known about otherwise. And for those of you waiting...I am not related to Ellen Degeneres. I was surprised by how many people thought having been to see Elton John in the 1st row was the lie. Thanks to a local radio station about 13 years ago, that was indeed a truth. And also something I will never forget! I was pregnant with Harry at the time and sometimes wonder if the event played even a tiny role in the music talent he displays today. I am guessing, probably not...

2. Becca for making me a proud mom with her Minnetonka High School on stage debut as "Rebecca" in the play, "Our Town". It was fun to see her shine and be in her element.

3. My loving husband who sat with me watching the Disney movie "Secretariat" on the couch for 2 hours last weekend, even though there was a lot of other things he needed to do.

4. Bella who put her heart and soul into the final race club competition for the Fall/Winter season of swimming. Good job! Look how proud she is of her trophy!

5. Harry who finished up a successful first year of snowboarding. I am pretty sure his motto is, "no fear". Perhaps he can get out another time or two, but the snowboarding club is over at school, and I myself am hoping for no more snow.

6. My fabulous parents who gifted me with a device for my birthday that I have officially ranked as a "life changing gadget". Not many devices make that distinction, but my new GPS system has joined my microwave, ipad and DVR as "can't live without electronics." Erick thinks I'm crazy that I have the voice set to an English woman, but I feel it makes hearing the directions more exciting. I just love how she pronounces local streets!

7. My fitness instructor for my Wednesday CRT class (Cardio Resistance Training). She works my butt (literally) every week at 1:15pm with her punishing squats and lunges, always shouting out about how this will pay off for my Spring Break plans. I joke with her and tell her that when I have to make an appointment (Dr, Dentist, hair, etc) I am always hoping they offer me a Wednesday afternoon option so I can skip class. Still I keep coming back because she is awesome and evil at the same time...

And I could go on with this list for quite awhile, but I think I hear the music playing and they are telling me to wrap it up. I better hurry before they get the hook and pull me offstage...

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  1. How can there be no comments here? Gasp!
    This post rocks!

    You're my kind of people. I'm about to celebrate my 40th bday...OMG end of this month! (guess that will have to be my next post- see you're already inspiring me!)

    I think this post is so clever...and I might just have to "copy your idea" (with props to you, of course)

    Also, I love that you share about your family and, especially the kids. Sometimes, when people say the "Big One or Little one" or "Sweetie Pie vs. Fussy Pants" I simply get a little confused over what child is what nickname...and it doesn't make for a "smooth" read. There have been times I've stopped and moved on to another blog.

    So, thank you! Don't forget to swing by my neighborhood soon & subscribe to the blog. I've already have an RSS feed on yours,so I'll get an e-mail on your new posts.