Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vacation...Had to Get Away...

I am always amazed how much effort and time it takes getting ready for vacation. Packing, cleaning, organizing, the work goes up until the minute you leave. Even then I don't think it's really done, you just give up because you've run out of time. If you don't leave then, you'll miss your entire vacation because you were busy getting ready for it...

We leave for the cabin in two days and I am far from ready. I should be doing something right now, but it can wait a little longer.

Harry now has his braces. I've been trying to capture a picture, but he is not cooperating. I'll update when I have one ready. They've been on two days and the pain hasn't been terrible. I think his high level of adrenlin helped him through some of the discomfort. Seriously, I have never seen anyone so exicted to have metal brackets and colored rubber bands put on their teeth! Well, for the price, I'm glad his level of excitement is high!

Becca is back from her trip to Philmont for Venturing. I think she had a good time and met a lot of people, but she could have lived without the "hardcore camping" aspect of the trip. The holes for toilets and the constant dehydrated food were highlights she could have lived without. I don't blame her. I have never claimed to be a "camper". Sleeping on the ground in the great outdoors is not something I enjoy. Becca also had to use "bear bags" due to the bears in the area. They even saw one pretty close to their camp. I think the experience is something Becca will remember forever and she is proud that she completed it. It was a lot of hiking!

Looking forward to the upcoming week of peace and relaxation!

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