Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Everybody Feng Shui Tonight...

With 2011 behind us, we look ahead to what 2012 will bring. I have to say, so far I'm loving 2012. Yesterday the high temperature was 52 degrees, here in Chaska, MN. No snow on the ground. Records being broken at least once a week for high temps. I know it's not for everyone, but this is my kind of winter. I feel for the people who are suffering financially due to the lack of snow and cold, but I have to admit, it sure is nice to be able to keep on top of picking up after the dogs, rather than waiting for a an all day poopfest some day in April.

With the holidays and all of their decorations packed up and buried until next year (below are some pictures from the holidays), our family is looking to our next celebration. On Sunday, our Chinese foreign exchange student will arrive. To say I am a bit anxious is kind of like saying the first day of kindergarten is no big deal to a 5 year old child. Each day I work on cleaning a different section of the house to prepare and tell the kids how the next four weeks they are really going to have to step up their game. Towels strewn around after showers, wrappers thrown haphazardly on the counter after preparing a meal, those days are gone. Well, I can only hope and pray...

Yesterday I sent a quick email to the exchange student and his family. I thought there were a few quick facts that he should know and prepare himself for. First, I thought it only fair to tell him there are 3 kids in our family. Most kids in China have no siblings, so that will be a big change. Also, I informed him that we have a bit of a zoo. Well I didn't actually use those words, but when I wrote that we have 2 cats and 2 dogs, I am sure that is the image that came to his mind. We have been told that most people in China have no pets. Lastly, I told him that Isabella has cochlear implants. It's not really a big deal and doesn't affect him in any way, but I thought he should know. I really don't know how common they are in China. As a family, we are all excited to learn from our new family member. We can only hope he feels the same...

I really hope the mild weather continues. They say God only gives you as much as you can handle. I'm pretty sure he is fully aware that when I took on the responsibility of having an exchange student, he understood a winter like last year with 40 inch snowfalls and subzero temps was out of the question, if he wanted me to remain sane.

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  1. Can't wait to read about your exchange student.