Thursday, December 15, 2011

I See the Light...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Rowe's. With less than two weeks before the big day, the list of chores seems to be endless. A couple of things were checked off the list this past weekend; tree bought, holiday picture taken, and some decorations put out.  I am not sure why I dislike putting up decorations. Perhaps it is because they are up for such a limited time. About 2-3 weeks in our house. This year Harry was going to help by decorating the tree. He had just finished with all the lights and ornaments when CRASH. Down it came, with water spilling out everywhere on the wood floor. As I RE-decorated the tree on Monday there were two words I couldn't get out of my head...Bah and Humbug.

While Harry was at home decorating the tree with bells and stars, Bella had her turn at being a real star. Last week we were notified that she had been chosen as the winner of a contest for Disney on Ice. She would light the lantern during the show and give it to Flynn and Rapunzel during the show. So much excitement. Sunday was the show and her part went great! She performed her lantern duties in front of a crowd of about 3,000. Here are some pictures. Do to the stage set up, we could only get the back of her head.

The Disney on Ice show was really entertaining. The costumes were great and it was fun hearing music from Disney movie favorites. Becca came along and she kept pointing out that Disney on Ice is where professional ice skaters end up if they don't make the Olympics. Well, I don't think it would be such a bad job.

During an Alice in Wonderland scene, we had a fun "implant" moment. The "cards" were on stage with the Queen of Hearts and there was a kind of clicking sound as the cards went past each other. Bella looked at me and said, "Mom, what's that sound?" Before I could answer, she replied, "Oh, I know. It's the cards shuffling themselves." I was pretty impressed both because the clicking sound during the show was pretty obscure and hard to hear amongst the music playing and also because she really hasn't heard the sound of cards shuffling on a regular basis. We are not really card players, but I know she has played some with grandparents and other relatives. Ahh, another thankful moment for her cochlear implants...

Now with only a little over a week away, there is lots to be done before Christmas. Presents to wrap, cards to be sent, more gifts to buy, and food to cook. Right now though I am going to take a minute to relax, breathe deeply and remember that Christmas only comes once a year...Thank goodness!

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