Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Please to Meet You, Hope You Guess My Name...

Did you ever have the feeling the universe was trying to send you a message. That happened to me this past week, but I am still unsure (and also a little afraid) to know what the message may have meant. You may have read about my horror filled night last year at the Trail of Terror. Well last week I kept winning tickets to the event. First I won 4 tickets from being signed up with a local family newsletter and then I won 2 more for being signed up for a local tv station's newsletter. Randomly drawn? Well, I have my doubts. I am well acquainted with Godwinks, but winning all those tickets to something I despised felt more like a devil high five. So what did I do with them? Well I sold 4 of them and 2 went unused.

So although I would not allow myself to be terrified again at the Trail of Terror, my sister was successful in getting me to ValleyScare. Becca, Harry and my sister's step daughter came too. For those of you unaware of ValleyScare, it is held at a local amusement park. During the summer season, it is known as ValleyFair, but come October it becomes ValleyScare. The roller-coasters and other scary rides were open and there was a haunted graveyard area. There were also a few themed areas you could go in and get scared, like Camp Wekilou (pronounced We-kill-you) and the Scary Clown Zone. Finally, what haunted attraction would be complete without the Insane Asylum? I liked that the characters couldn't touch you and the fear seemed spread out, with areas you could go to take breaks from the rush of adrenaline. Here are a few pictures from our time there.

My number one complaint of ValleyScare was severe over use of the fog machines. Note to management: if you can taste the fog in you mouth, without it being open, there is too much.

The rest of Halloween 2011 was also pleasant and fun. This past Saturday, Bella ran in a kids' pumpkin run. It was a 1/4 mile and she finished with a time of 3:03. I am not a distance runner at all (50 yd dash only) so I am pretty sure she would have beat me in the race. The pumpkin run was the end of the Run Club she has been doing at school every Tuesday and Thursday since school began. I really believe it has helped strengthen her legs. Her swimming coaches have noticed a difference. She really enjoyed the Run Club even though she said it was hard work. I am so proud that Bella is always willing to try new things, even when they are hard.

After the big run, the Rowe's headed off to the Minnesota Arboretum for some Halloween fun. There was some trick or treating, a hay maze, and an awesome craft involving apples and vegetables. Harry decided to go as a nerd and Bella was a leopard cat. Becca was too old for a costume, but not too old to enjoy some family togetherness. Here's the pictures:

Which brings us to the pinnacle of Halloween 2011, the actual night of Halloween. With it being a Monday this year, trick or treating started early and ended early. Here are the crazy kids. Notice that Harry transformed from a nerd to the Joker. Boy, does he love Halloween.

Well with Halloween behind us, we roll onward and upward through the holiday season of 2011. There is a rumor that the Rowe Family will be adding an honorary member in January 2012 in the form of a Chinese exchange student. Another person in our chaos? Now, THAT'S scary...

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