Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why Ask Why...

"Everything happens for a reason' and "there really are no coincidences" are phrases that are thrown out often to comfort or explain the unexplainable. Years ago, I read a book "When God Winks" by SQuire Rushnell. The author was once an ABC executive, responsible for creating Schoolhouse Rock and the infamous ABC afterschool specials. After the 9/11 tragedy, he left his position in TV to pursue his dream of becoming an author and motivational speaker.

So you are probably wondering what a Godwink is. Well on his website, SQuire Rushnell defines a Godwink as, "...what some would call a coincidence, an answered prayer, or simply an experience where you'd say, 'Wow, what are the odds of that?'" I am quite familiar with having these things happen in my life. Here's the youngest memory of a Godwink that I can remember:

When I was younger, we traveled a lot because my Dad was in retail. In 4th grade we moved from Ohio to Pennsylvania and I was devestated. This devestation mostly stemmed from a huge crush I had on a boy in my class. He was super popular, cute and I don't think he knew I existed. Anyway, I can remember saying a little prayer each night that I would get to see him again. As time went on, the prayer request got less frequent, but I still thought about him a lot. We lived in Pennslyvania for only 9 months, then we moved to Minnesota. Here's the crazy part...After living in MN for about 6 months, I went to get onto the bus afterschool one day and guess who was standing in my bus line? Yep, him! Huge Godwink.

Over the years I have had several of these "coincidences". After reading the book, I took comfort in the fact that they are messages from above that help guide our lives and let us know if we are on the right path. 
Some say they come most often when we are struggling for meaning or answers in our lives.

So this week I had another Godwink. I decided to email it to Mr. Rushnell and the result can be found here Wink of the Week

Coincidence? I think not...


  1. Hi Tonia...

    Loved your godwink story of the boy in the bus line...and thanks for your contribution to Wink Of The Week was quite popular! Good wishes and godwinks. SQuire, The Godwink Guy

  2. Tonia, thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! I enjoyed reading about your God wink and reading a bit of your blog.


  3. If you start participating in my "ahhsome" book club, I'd love for you to suggest this book for the next read!

    I just started this up, and just posted a synopsis on the first chapter. You have plenty of time to come join the discussion!

    I love the title When God winks. It's so darn cute and perfect and unique!


    P.S. I certianly hope music is the answer for you! It's been said that studying piano helps us with math? So, play it!