Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Upside Down...

Life has felt a little strange lately. Just enough to throw off my center of balance. To start, it has been 80 degrees or above for the past week, here in MN. I'm not complaining, in fact it could stay like this forever and I'd be happy. It's just that it is a bit unnerving. When I put out the fall mums and the Halloween decorations last weekend, I was SWEATING. That doesn't usually happen in October.

Now mix in the miserable state of sports in the state of Minnesota. The Twins were terrible this year, the Gophers are in a fog of despair, and the Vikings...Well I think someone forgot to tell them that the pre-season is over. But here's where it gets really strange. This week the big talk of the town was the WNBA team for Minnesota, the Lynx. They won their first championship. The local sports stations couldn't get enough of the story. Casual sports fans and die hard fans alike were tweeting and posting on their facebook statuses, support for the Lynx. I really doubt most of these people knew the name of this team last week, or even that they existed!

Harry's football team has also been suffering. Yesterday they went into their game with a record of 0-5. It's pretty sad to watch a bunch of 7th graders have to face defeat, week after week. Luckily, yesterday they all came together as a team and beat Edina. Parents couldn't have been prouder! We clapped when they were on the field, we clapped as they came off the field.

In order to restore some balance to our lives, we visited Bennihana for dinner last night. It is always a favorite of mine and when things are askew in my life, I seek comfort in returning to basics. It was a fun evening, but not perfect, because some of our family was missing. After the big football game, Harry decided not to come and hang out at home instead.  Some of you may remember that last year we went to Bennihana near the beginning of the school year last week to celebrate transition and change. http://rowefamilyadventures.blogspot.com/2010/09/were-going-to-rock-around-clock-tonight.html. Turmoil and chaos emerged after that last visit, so I can only hope that this year, with all the current issues we are facing, the opposite effect will occur. Balance and peace will return to the Rowe household.

It appears the weather will turn a bit colder here this week and the WNBA talk is dying down. Fingers crossed that normalcy will make a comeback this week...

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