Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Down in Mexico...

Top 10 Lessons of Cancun 2011

10. Put away those fancy shoes unless you are POSITIVE you are just going to dinner or you may find yourself walking 3/4 of a mile barefoot down the grassy median of a Mexican highway.

9. You may never know if you got a good deal or not on that little souvenir you just bought, so just enjoy the art of bargaining.

8. That sun is hotter than it looks (and feels)! Make sure to put on lots of sunscreen.

7. Even though you are right next to the ocean, don't be surprised when you order lobster and it turns out to be from Maine.

6. If your hair does not react well to humidity, it is important to pack a fashionable hat!

5. Federal Mexican police in helicopters throughout the day and on the streets armed with automatic weapons really don't make you feel safer.

4. No need to show up for an activity scheduled at 10:00am on time. I assure you that it won't start until 10:20am.

3. Hearing yourself be called, "lady" on a continual basis (if you are female) makes you feel like you are starring in a Jerry Lewis movie.

2. Looking at the sea may make you hungry for blue-rasberry jello.

1. Every commercial on Mexican tv is shot to look like an info-merical.

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