Sunday, March 20, 2011

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow...

In today's world of instant media access, we are bombarded with a lot of advice; what to buy, where to eat, who to vote for, etc. There is so much advice in our lives, sometimes we just want to tune it all out. And then sometimes we get advice in unexpected places, that just may help.

That type of advice came yesterday. I was walking through the women's locker room at the gym and I heard the following statement, "Sometimes you just have to get them through today..." I had heard the previous few sentences of the conversation also, so I was able to piece together that the conversation was about teenagers and helping them in school. I didn't listen to the rest of the discussion as I continued on to the showers, which is where I had been headed to in the first place.

"Sometimes, you just have to get them through today..." Truer words have never been spoken. It is perhaps one of the most simple pieces of parenting advice that I have heard, yet also one of the most poignant and impactful. Lots of organizations are based on getting through the day. Many addiction groups are known for the theme "one day at a time." People with life threatening illnesses are encouraged to "live every day to the fullest." So why not parenting? I don't know about you, but I am commonly saying, "Just let me get through this day," to myself. So to think of helping your children "get through today" puts a new spin on things.

As a parent, I am constantly worrying about the future. I think about the kids' colleges, future professions, future relationships, and many other things that are "not today." I think it is very helpful (at least for me) to live more in the moment and help the kids deal with the here and now.

So I am going to try it. I encourage you to be open to hearing advice from wherever it may come. Even in a place that some may refer to as "eavesdropping." Not that I am recommending that...

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  1. I just posted a great comment and then the system went into an error.

    I agree, except mine isn't get through the day but a portion at a time. Right now, we're just focusing on our kids getting through a meal. We're just trying to get the 5 year old to remain seated, the 7 year old to stop tilting his chair, and both to get done before an hour has passed!

    Right now, we're just trying to get them dressed and off to school. So, ours is a series of daily moments. I don't have time to worry about anything too far ahead, except for planning a vacation or birthday party for the kids.


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