Friday, December 17, 2010

Presents 'round the tree...

I received a gift yesterday.  It wasn't wrapped in fancy paper and it wasn't bought from an expensive store.  Yet, it was a gift none the less.  And one I really liked!

Now I know it is often frowned upon to see your childrens' achievements as your own, but let's be honest...It's something everyone has done at some point in their lives.  I mean really, that A on a big history test is theirs, but didn't we help them review the study guide?  Or what about that big game winning touchdown. True, they caught the ball or ran, but who played catch with them outside and brought them to all those nightly practices?  Sometimes the great achievement of a child is just what a parent needs after a stress filled day (or season) to improve their mood.

So about that gift...well it came from Bella.  As you may have read in earlier posts, there are definite struggles Bella faces.  There are good days and then there are really challenging days in the areas of academics, memory recall, and concentration.  But yesterday?  It was like everything came together for a 12 hour period.  Everything we worked on in homeschool came easily, including things she had been struggling over for a long period (yeah, I'm talking to you 2 digit subtraction with regrouping).  No constant reminders, independent working, incredible focus.  It was amazing!

Later in the day we proceeded to swim team.  She has been doing well, but she had continued to struggle with the freestyle stroke and side breathing.  Kicking and balancing on one side while taking a breath was a hard feat.  Note I said WAS hard.  The gift continued with a perfect night of swimming.  Side breath/balance mastered!  Kicking on the kickboard without losing control of the kickboard...Nailed it!

The gift was like a recognition of all the hard work she puts in everyday.  It was a glimpse of what she is truly capable of when she is going on all cylinders.  It was a heaven sent reminder of how far she has come and a peek into her future potential.

It was a gift that I will treasure forever and will try really hard to hold on to, especially when there is a hard day.

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