Monday, December 13, 2010


Snowmageddon! Blizzardpalooza!  Whatever you want to call it, the Rowe Family survived!  In simple terms, there was a good old fashioned snowstorm in MN this past Saturday that hearkened back to the times of Ma, Pa, and Laura Ingalls.  17.8 inches of snow fell between Friday and Saturday night and basically shut down the Twin Cities.  Plows were pulled off the road, travel was strongly discouraged, and even the heartiest of Minnesotans threw up their hands in defeat and stayed home.  Some of you might have seen that the Metrodome, home to the MN Vikings, even gave up.  The roof ripped in three places and poured all of the snow inside the stadium.  Good news?  Maybe now, there will be a new stadium!

Wish I had more pictures to share from the snowstorm, but the ones I took from inside didn't turn out for the most part.  The one picture I have is of the side of a parking ramp.  You can see the big pile of snow off the side and transport yourself here if you like snow and don't have any at your location.  Harry and Erick were outside shoveling for a long time with several breaks in between.  Luckily, some of our neighbors with snowblowers assisted and made the job much more manageable.  Without their help, I have a feeling we might still be digging out.

So now the snow is over for the moment.  Yet Mother Nature isn't done with her fun just yet.  The temps for us have plunged into the -15 degree category (air temp) with windchills at -20 degrees.  The high today will be 2 degrees, if you can call that a high.  The sensation of breathing in and feeling the inside of your lungs start to freeze up a little is something that you never really get used to.  Oh and CNN made a good point today...It's not even Winter yet.

This weekend I think we try to fit in a visit to Santa.  I'm sure all but Bella will complain and say they are much too old for that nonsense.  I am going to try and convince Harry and Becca that we need to join together forces, sit on Santa's lap and ask for some warm weather.  Who knows?  Maybe, just maybe we can get a day in the 30's.  Which right now would feel like a tropical paradise!

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