Sunday, August 22, 2010

Move Over Bob Dylan...

So you'll never guess what Bella and I did today. Give up? Well, it involved a musical instrument and a parade. Bella and I went to a workshop about how to play the harmonica. We found out about it on one of our homeschooling list-serves. It was sponsored by Hohner, a company that makes harmonicas. The session was held at a hotel by the Mall of America where there was a regional harmonica convention going on. It was completely free, kids and adults each received a free harmonica and there were box lunches served. What a deal!

The session offered fun beginning lessons on how to make a train whistle sound with the harmonica, and also how to play a few easy songs including "Jingle Bells" and "Mary had a Little Lamb". Bella really enjoyed the fun atmosphere and she loved trying out new sounds on her harmonica. We were both surprised with how much energy it took to play the harmonica. After an hour of almost solid practicing, our lungs were tired. There was someone there who spoke about the health benefits of playing the harmonica and now I believe it!

Other highlights from the day included a man who had a skunk puppet who played the harmonica (one of Bella's favorite parts of the morning), learning about the different types and sizes of harmonicas (who knew there was more than one size?), and watching all the kids go around the hotel playing the train whistle (and other musical musings) on their brand new harmonicas.

It was a fun day for Bella, since she doesn't really have a musical instrument that she plays yet. Sometimes I think she feels left out when her brother and sister perform their piano pieces on the piano for visiting friends and relatives. I am hoping someday we will find a musical instrument that is a good fit for her. Today, was one step on that journey...

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  1. wow, I think the worshop should have been nice. Especially to find out all that detail.
    Thanks for sharing - I stopped by your blog from SITS