Friday, March 12, 2010

Well, I'd Like to Visit the Moon...

Today was History Day for Bella. All of the kids in her class chose a topic to research a few weeks ago and today they put them up in the class for parents/family to come visit. We had been working on a space unit the last month (in homeschool) and Bella was really interested in the moon, so she chose to do her research on Neil Armstrong. She did a very nice job! She drew a picture of the moon and she also used a book to write down interesting facts about Neil Armstrong. I even learned something from her research. Apparently, the famous quote of Neil Armstrong, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind," was supposed to be, "one small step for a man", but the "a" got lost in the transmission. Bella worked very hard to copy words out of her book. Over the last few months, copying has become a little easier for her, but the process of looking up and down and not losing her place or forgetting various letters in words is still a struggle.

Some of the kids dressed up in costumes to add some flair to their research. Harry made her a "space suit" out of a white shirt which was just like the one he wore for Destination Imagination. Bella was so proud of her shirt! Two other children in her class studied Neil Armstrong also. One of them had a full orange NASA suit that he had received for Christmas. Bella was pretty impressed by his suit, but she still liked her shirt the best!

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