Thursday, March 4, 2010

Time Flies

Wow, February kind of flew by! Can't believe that March is here is already, but happy with the hope of warm temperatures.

Let's see what have the Rowes' been up to the past few weeks?

Last Friday was the carnival at Harry's school. It was quite the event. Games and food everywhere! One thing that seems to have changed in the carnival scene since I went to school: a trend toward a more "store like" atmosphere. Sure, there were the little prizes given out at the various games, but the really good prizes? Those were at the "ticket store". Kids could trade 10-50 tickets in for items such as giant nerd glasses, Scooby Doo dogs on a leash, and superballs the size of your hand that were filled with glitter and lit up. Not sure if you can read too much into the ticket store, but it does seem to reflect a little on the "instant gratification" and the "bigger is better" mentality of our society.

My time has been spent at the gym lately. I am happy to say that I am still working on my New Year's resolution. I am bound and determined to get in shape. I turn 40 in a year and kind of feel like if I don't do it now, it may never happen. Over the last month and a half I have discovered how much time and energy getting in shape takes. Not fun, but hopefully worth it in the end.

Also in my spare time (insert laugh here), I am helping to start a Venturing Crew with Becca's best friend's father. Venturing is a part of Scouts that is for girls and boys 14 and up and focuses on leadership. Learning as I go, but it seems like a good program for Becca to develop important life skills. Will share more as it goes along. We have a first meeting next Friday to share more information with girls and boys interested in joining.

Bella has spent the last week delivering all the girl scout cookies she sold. She has been a trooper, but has discovered that selling them was easier than the delivery process. Also, she gave up dessert for Lent so she is disappointed that she has to wait another month before she can enjoy the ones we bought. Also, regarding Lent...Becca gave up her Ipod touch, and Harry gave up his Wii again. In our house the Easter Bunny always brings something related to what you gave up, which seems to encourage my children. For better or worse, I guess...

Well, I'm off to continue clean up in the backyard. The 40 degree temps have been nice, but have also uncovered the dog poop that was easy to ignore under the snow the last few months. YUCK! And I can't even have my favorite Shamrock shake at McDonald's to motivate me!

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