Saturday, January 9, 2010

Whew...We Made It...

Wow, I am happy (and a little surprised) to tell you that we made it through week 1 of the new year. Last Monday morning was just as awful and difficult as I had feared. Becca and Harry have piano before school on Monday mornings so 7am came early with some bad attitudes. I am happy to report that as the week went on, basic routines, such as getting up on time, became easier.

On Wednesday, Bella and I watched the last remnants of the holiday season go up in smoke, literally! Our church had an Epiphany celebration where people were encouraged to bring their Christmas trees to be burned. We would have brought ours, but since I lost interest in watering it for the last week in our house, I feared only its branches would have made it to the fire, with all of its green needles left behind in my car for the rest of eternity. I have to say I was quite amazed by the tree burning. Every time a new tree was placed in the fire, the flames would shoot about 15-20 in the sky and there was loud popping and crackling noises. I guess I wasn't the only one who stopped watering their tree! It sure was a testament to the fire dangers of keeping a dead tree in your house and would have made for a great PSA.

Next week we take on a few more additions to our schedule as Harry begins a racquetball class and Becca resumes rehearsals for her class play. Erick will be traveling to New York so I will be flying solo and hoping everything goes smoothly. I will also be praying for a winter warm-up as it is currently -10 degrees here. Yes, that is the actual air temperature. There is talk of getting some mid 20's by early next week. Wow, a 30 degree temperature swing. Wish it could be 30 degrees to 60 degrees instead!

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