Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That..

Okay, it has been six days since the tragic end to the Vikings season and I am feeling more like myself again. I myself couldn't watch the game after the Favre interception late in the 4th quarter, but hearing Harry break into hysterical sobs gave me an inkling into how the game had ended.

Life has been fairly quiet. Harry has started taking racquetball lessons and is enjoying it for the most part. Of course, he is disappointed that he is not super good at it already (you know after 2 lessons), but it is good exercise for him. He is also in swimming lessons again once a week. Winter can be brutal for Harry without an outlet for his energy! He is continuing his work with Destination Imagination afterschool. The team has been working hard on their play that they wrote have to perform at competition on March 6th. They also got their robot working this week that they had to build. Now its on to build sets and continue to practice their "instant challenges" where the team has 3-5 minutes to work together to and solve a problem that is assigned. Last week we found out that Harry was accepted to Eagle Ridge Academy which is a charter school in Eden Prairie that focuses on a classical education. It runs 6-12 grade and we are excited to try it for middle school, but will take it one step at a time to see how it fits for Harry.

Becca is off to Concordia Language Camp this week with some other middle school students from her school and her Spanish teacher. The theme is Peru and all the food and activities center around the country. We are anxiously awaiting to see if Becca will be able to attend Chanhassen High School through open enrollment. Apparently we won't find out until Feb. 15.

Bella has been keeping busy with swimming. Today during her swimming evaluation it came up that her teacher feels she has achieved enough skills to try a group lesson with 3 other kids instead of a private lesson. Bella really wants to try the group lesson and even though it won't give her as much time to work on additional skills, it might really help her reinforce and strengthen some key skills as she sees the other children do it. She does have the competitive gene in her for better or worse.

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