Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Made it Through the Rain...

So last week I spent a 1/2 hour looking all around the house for something that was in my pocket. This week I have frantically been searching for my ipod; sifting through disgusting garbage, shoving my hand down areas in my car that aren't big enough to fit a pinkie. And there it was yesterday; sitting in a pile of melted snow at the end of my driveway in the gutter. Wow, I must be turning 41...

The great ending to the ipod story is that it still works! With a little help from Bella's dry and store (a machine we use nightly to extract any moisture from Bella's cochlear implants) and a few heartfelt prayers, it was back up and running. Sure it has some surface flaws. A few more scratches, dents and dings, but nothing that inhibits it's purpose of playing music. Kind of how I feel about turning 41, a few more surface flaws, but still fully able to perform.

The last four weeks have been pretty light on blog posts due to a busy schedule. Erick has been traveling a lot, including a trip to Brazil, so I have had to up my game to keep up with maintaining the household. Having William, our Chinese exchange student has been a rewarding experience, but has also added more activities. Tomorrow he is returning to Bejiing. It will be hard to see him go, as he has really become a part of our family during his short stay. During his time in Minnesota, he has visited two universities, the Mall of America, gone to a hockey and basketball game, and shopped at an outlet mall. Last night, we attended his farewell banquet. It was fun to see all the pictures that have been taken during the students' visit. Especially since I have not done a good job of taking photos. I usually give camera duties to Erick and as he has been gone a lot, I failed to find a replacement photographer.

A few weeks ago, Harry had a Chinese New Year event at the Saturday Chinese school he attends on a weekly basis to learn Mandarin. Below is a picture of his performance. He is in a 1st grade class since he has just started learning the language. As you can see, he is quite a bit bigger than the other students in his class, but he was a trooper about going. I have been warned that next year, he will not be participating.

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