Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Highway to Hell...

So who thinks going to pick up a puppy should be fun and enjoyable? Who thinks that a car ride to pick a puppy is a perfect time to cry, whine, and fight with your siblings? Well, apparently that is the choice my children picked. Actually, Becca wasn't really involved. It was more Bella and Harry. The true details escape me, as it a bit like having a baby. All the pain and agony fade away once you see the cute newborn.
I do have vague recollections of hitting, screaming, and hysterical crying. The puppy's breeder was in Wisconsin just past Hudson so the trip was a little over 2 hours round trip. In my mind, it seemed to go on for days...

But it was all worth it. Here's Enzo the cockapoo, finally home with his new family.

Here's Enzo's proud parents

Enzo is settling in well. Ika is good with him, but he doesn't really play with him. Ika has always been more of a person dog. He does let Enzo jump all over him, take his bones, and drink his water.

Glad to have the car ride over and start the adventures with Enzo as a Rowe...

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