Monday, June 14, 2010

Pomp and Circumstance...

It's official! I now have a high school student living in my home. Gosh, I'm getting old! Becca graduated from the 8th grade last Thursday. It was a very nice ceremony complete with student speeches (one of which was given by Becca), teacher speeches and some music performed from some of the middle school students.

One of the speeches given by a teacher, was from Becca's language arts teacher who also happens to be the school's teaching principal, Bob Ruud. It was a speech about having hope in the world because of young people even when awful things are happening all around us (wars, oil spills, etc). Here is an excerpt from his speech. " Have you ever been in an argument with Becca Rowe? Have you ever been about to insist on your own point, and then realized, that hey, she has a point? She may have made it louder than it needed to be, but it's a well-reasoned point, and you told her to challenge you. Have you ever? I have. Often. And I have a little bit of hope." I must say that upon hearing it, I wasn't sure if I should feel vindicated or slightly embarrassed. I guess I was just happy that Becca's section of the speech talked about her arguing "well-reasoned points" instead of visiting Bob's office for "talks" like another's student's section.
Becca's speech was touching. It spoke about lessons she learned during her time at the school (1st-8th grade) and how it is a little scary to move on to the unknown. She delivered it in a professional manner and Erick and I were proud parents!

Here's to the future...

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